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  • Mike is a dynamic presenter and consultant who delivers keynote addresses, teaches workshops, works with small teams, and coaches individual teachers.
  • An author, presenter, consultant, content developer, and coach, Mike’s expertise is wide and varied.
  • An award winning classroom teacher, Mike is practical and concrete–he understands the rewards and challenges of teaching.
  • Mike knows that the best professional development is personalized and differentiated.


Mike Anderson

Great professional development should mirror the great learning experiences we all want for students; it should be active and interactive, differentiated, tailored to the specific needs of the audience, practical, inspiring, and joyful.

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Teacher resources should be warm, professional, and practical. In each of his books, Mike strives to both paint a vision of ideal learning while offering concrete strategies that today’s busy teachers can use right away.

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This site offers a wide array of resources for educators. An archive of articles touches on a range of topics. Click on the Pinterest button for a collection of videos, books, articles, and cartoons that you might use to lead your own great learning. You can also check out Mike’s blog!

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Mike Anderson
Leading Great Learning
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Leading Great Learning

Mike Anderson is an energetic, experienced, and highly sought-after educational consultant who helps facilitate great learning in schools all over the United States and beyond. He has over twenty years of experience as a teacher, consultant, presenter, and developer and has authored many books and articles about great teaching and learning.