I had the privilege of joining Justin Baeder, Director of the Principal Center, for a fun conversation about my newest book, Learning to Choose, Choosing to Learn: The Key to Motivation and Achievement. In this interview, we discuss many interesting questions and topics about using choice effectively in schools, including…

  • Why is choice motivating for learners?
  • When choice is done well, it’s a vehicle for great learning, not just a gimmick for motivation.
  • What is self-differentiation and how can choice help?
  • What are good choices?
  • Why is choice and autonomy most important for students who are disruptive?
  • How can professional development be improved through the effective use of choice?

Original Link: http://www.principalcenter.com/mike-anderson-learning-to-choose-choosing-to-learn-the-key-to-student-motivation-and-achievement/

If you’re looking for a high quality radio show to listen to (perhaps during your daily commute), I highly recommend Principal Center Radio. With a wide variety of interviews from renowned education experts (including Douglas Reeves, Charlotte Danielson, Paul Tough, Russ Quaglia, Larry Ferlazzo, and many more) you’re sure to find great content and lively conversations that will push your thinking.

Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson is a full-time education consultant, award-winning teacher, and author of many books including The Well-Balanced Teacher and The First Six Weeks of School. His latest book, Learning to Choose, Choosing to Learn: The Key to Student Motivation and Achievement was the ASCD member book for April, 2016. To learn more about Mike and his work, or to invite him to work with your school or district, check out his website: www.leadinggreatlearning.com. You can connect with Mike on Twitter: @balancedteacher.