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ASCD Author Mike Anderson spent time with the Core to discuss his book The Well-Balanced Teacher: How to Work Smarter and Stay Sane Inside the Classroom and OutWe first met Anderson at ASCD 2014 in Los Angeles last month. Anderson had been speaking about the choices he had to make between being a good father and a good teacher at the same time. As Anderson began tackling this conundrum he started to look at how time was evaporating from his classroom.

Anderson compiled every moment that eroded classroom instruction time over the course of an entire school year. The results were mind-blowing and the foundation for his book. Today, Anderson is a professional development specialist and consulting teacher for Northeast Foundation for Children, a nonprofit organization that supports teachers across the United States in implementing Responsive Classroom teaching practices. He taught 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades in public schools in New Hampshire and Connecticut for 15 years.

He has also taught in preschools, coached swim teams, and taught graduate classes at the University of New Hampshire summer literacy institute. In 2004, he was awarded a national Milken Educator Award for Excellence in teaching, and he was a finalist for New Hampshire Teacher of the Year in 2005. He is also the author of The Research-Ready Classroom (with Andy Dousis, Heinemann, 2006). Mike lives in Durham, New Hampshire, with his wife, Heather, and their two children, Ethan and Carly.