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Tips on using  Morning Meeting group activity, to set a positive tone during the build-up to winter holidays and vacation.

Consider levels of movement and activity.

How does your class respond (especially right now) to activities that get them moving, singing, and playing? You might need to scale back on an activity if the class gets too wound up. Think ahead of time about how you might do this with the activities you’ve got planned.

Set kids up for success.

“I noticed that our energy level has been a bit high lately. How can we play a fun and active game and get ourselves back in control and calm afterwards?” A quick discussion like this beforethe activity can help it run much more smoothly.

Consider doing more calm activities, like these:
  • Silent line-ups—by birthday order, alphabetically according to the third letter of your last name, etc.
  • I Have, Who Has—great for reviewing academic content (If you’ve taken Responsive Classroom II, directions for this one are in the  resource book.)
  • A Variation on 20 Questions—also great for review of academic content (The RCI Resource Book has directions for this variation on the classic game.)
  • Sparkle (Watch a 3rd grade class doing “Sparkle” with spelling words. Get directions from the Morning Meetings Activities DVD page on our website.)
  • Guess My Number (Also included on the Morning Meeting Activities DVD)
  • Telegraph (If you’ve taken Responsive Classroom I, directions for this one are in the  resource book.)