Effective and respectful management and discipline strategies enable educators to create environments where students feel safe enough to take the risks necessary for great learning. Here are some frequently-requested offerings that might help us find a good starting point for our work together:


Teaching Social and Emotional Skills

There are important social and emotional competencies that students need to develop to be successful in school and beyond. And yet, too often in schools, these skills are demanded but not taught (“Cooperate in your group work today!”) or taught in isolation, separate from academic work (February is Empathy month!). Through this work, teachers will learn to identify the social and emotional skills their students need to be successful and develop a repertoire of practical strategies for teaching them as a part of the regular instructional day. Some specific topics might include:

  • What is social and emotional learning?
  • Identifying SEL skills needed for success
  • Developmentally appropriate practice
  • Specific strategies to teach SEL skills (modeling, role play, activities, etc.)
  • School climate and culture
  • Respectful disciplineContact Mike
  • Effective teacher language

Supporting Students with Challenging Behaviors 

One disruptive student can bring all teaching and learning to a halt, and in many classrooms, there are several (or more!) students with such challenges. Teachers who are already under incredible pressure to deliver an unrealistic amount of content in too little time feel overwhelmed with students who melt down, refuse to do work, and disrupt others. Teachers need practical strategies and supports. To be clear, this work isn’t about quick-fixes or silver-bullet cures. It’s about building teachers’ and students’ skills sets to set everyone up for long-term growth. Some key topics may include:

  • Using logical and natural consequences to set firm and respectful limits
  • Using supportive strategies such as class meetings, student-teacher conferences, role-play and more
  • Teaching positive behaviors and skills to set students up for success
  • Decreasing power struggles and building positive relationshipsContact Mike
  • School-wide protocols  and supports for students who need out-of-classroom support


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Off to a Great Start

As the author of The First Six Weeks of School, you can bet that I have plenty of ideas for how to get the school year off to a positive beginning! Just as the foundation of a building provides the solid base on which the rest of the building depends, so too, the beginning of the school year is the foundation of the school year. Whether you teach self-contained first grade, high school science, or music across all grade levels, there are a few key ideas about the beginning of the school year that we might explore together, including:

  • Teaching the routines needed to support independent learning
  • Teaching positive discipline
  • Blending social, emotional, and academic learning early in the year
  • Building positive relationships with students
  • Developing strong and supportive communities of learnersContact Mike
  • Creating healthy habits to start the year


Effective Teacher Language

The language we use with students impacts every aspect of school, and is perhaps the single most important strategy we have as educators. It sets the tone of any school environment: academic lessons and activities, hallways, the cafeteria, the playground, whole school assemblies, one-on-one coaching sessions, and more. It’s not surprising that this is the topic I end up consulting about the most, either as a school-wide focus or as an embedded topic in other professional development. Here are just a few of the topics that emerge most often:

  • Helping students develop a growth mindset
  • Using clear, firm, and respectful language to set limits
  • Rethinking praise–offering more thoughtful and purposeful positive feedback
  • Language that boosts student ownership of learningContact Mike
  • Strategies for changing language patterns



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Mike did a wonderful job of giving our school helpful ways to manage and co-create an ideal classroom environment with students of all ages and backgrounds.

Kristine Kobe Assistant Teacher, Mirman School, Los Angeles, CA August 24, 2017

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Mike is a wealth of knowledge of best teaching practices. Implementing these strategies can enhance any teacher's effectiveness.

Jay Frisch Science Teacher, Mirman School, Los Angeles, CA August 24, 2017

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Mike Anderson came to our school because faculty and parents alike recognized a need for improved SEL at our school. The workshop provided practical, reasonable, researched-based tools and structures for us to adopt a common language and approach across all classrooms. I can't wait to see the shifts in action!

Tessa McKeown 1st Grade Teacher/Curriculum Coordinator, Mirman School, Los Angeles, CA August 24, 2017

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The workshop was engaging and highly informative. Mike has equipped our school tool box with strategies to cultivate reflection and student growth in fun and caring ways. They were two days well spent!

Lori Fine 4th Grade Math/Science Teacher, American Nicaraguan School, Managua, Nicaragua August 20, 2017

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Mike's workshop was very engaging and he did an outstanding job of modeling the ideas and strategies he presented to us. (Practice what you preach!)

Jason Kittles 1st Grade Teacher, American Nicaraguan School, Managua, Nicaragua August 20, 2017

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