Great teaching and learning in a school begins with a strong and positive adult learning community. Here are a few ways we might nurture adult learning communities to create environments where teachers and students can thrive:


Teachers Coaching Teachers

How often have you heard teachers lament, “I never get any meaningful support!” or “I get observed once a year, and it never really helps me grow!”? One of the most powerful strategies for boosting teachers’ skills and self-efficacy is great collegial coaching, where teachers use each other’s classrooms as learning labs. Through this school-based embedded professional development, educators will:

  • Learn how to engage in a three-step coaching process
  • Practice and learn strategies for giving effective feedback to colleagues
  • Learn and practice how to set up and teach an effective demonstration lesson–one which will truly lead to good professional reflection
  • Learn protocols which enable busy educators to have efficient observation/feedback sessionsContact Mike
  • Understand how to separate collegial coaching from supervision and evaluation

Boosting Teacher Health and Balance

Some argue that in today’s pressure-packed education climate, we don’t have time to focus on teacher health and balance–there’s just too much else to worry about. In fact, we don’t have time not to focus on teacher well-being. Tired and stressed out teachers can’t be the vibrant and passionate teachers that their children so desperately need. Every time I deliver a workshop in a district or facilitate more specific work on this topic in a school, I hear that same basic refrain: “This is just what we needed.” Here are some key topics explored in this work:

  • Five key categories of teacher health and balance to nurture
  • Elements of effective goal-setting
  • Practical strategies for joyful teaching
  • Using small goals to reap large gainsContact Mike
  • How students benefit from teacher health and balance


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Nurturing and Sustaining Your Staff

This work is geared specifically toward school leaders: administrators, coaches, mentors, teacher leaders, counselors, and others. We will explore The Well-Balanced Teacher to understand key ideas about teacher health and balance. You will receive a collection of resources (PD sessions, articles, videos, activities, etc.) to help you take better care of your colleagues. Designed to fit within the context of our busy school lives, many of these resources are designed to work as staff meetings–ones that will help rejuvenate and support your staff. Typical topics include:

  • Why health and balance is so beneficial (for staff and students)
  • Key ideas about teacher health and balance
  • Effective goal-setting
  • Specific school-wide challenges explored
  • Strategies for leading effective in-house professional developmentContact Mike
  • Strategies for build positive adult learning communities


Professional Learning Communities in Action

PLCs can be powerful tools to help teachers collaborate to improve student learning. When implemented effectively, they strengthen adult collegiality in a building and help empower teachers to take on meaningful team-oriented in-house professional development.

I can help you establish effective PLCs in your school. Through this work we may…

  • Establish effective group norms
  • Establish meeting protocols and structures that lead to more effective use of time
  • Explore meaningful and appropriate topics to take on for beginning PLCs
  • Keep the focus on student learning
  • Explore valuable resources to help teams become more self-sufficient

Do you already have PLCs up and running? If so, we can work together to bring them to the next level:

  • Learn new protocols to breathe life into your group
  • Learn and practice a process for examining student data
  • Explore what is working with your current PLCs and what could be better
  • Consider new uses for PLCs in your schoolContact Mike
  • Explore new resources to help you maximize your PLCs
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Mike's presentation skills are exceptional. He balances the pace of delivery with a combination of active engagement and reflection. Great energy and fun!

Cheryl Whipple Theme Coach, Goodwin College Early Childhood Magnet School, East Hartford, CT February 19, 2016

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Mike was a phenomenal presenter who presented on a Friday before winter break, but somehow he got me eager and ready to go back to work on Wednesday because of our team's new project.

Callie Mish Teacher, Goodwin College Early Childhood Magnet School, East Hartford, CT February 19, 2016

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Mike is an excellent presenter! He reminded me why I went into this profession and affirms the efforts I put in on a daily basis. Thank you for being so refreshing to education!

Lindsey Everin Pre-K Teacher, Goodwin College Early Childhood Magnet School, East Hartford, CT February 19, 2016

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Mike Anderson is empathetic to the struggles of educators and provides excellent suggestions on how to help set goals and be aware of factors contributing to staff burnout.

Jillian Kelly School Psychologist, Goodwin College Early Childhood Magnet School, East Hartford, CT February 19, 2016

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Best workshop/PD I have had in years.

Karla Gwynn Instructor, Goodwin College Early Childhood Magnet School, East Hartford, CT February 19, 2016

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