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A: I incorporate bits of word study into the charts whenever possible. In the younger grades, I sometimes made a stack of word cards and asked each student to place a card into a category on the chart according to vowel sound or spelling pattern. With fifth graders, I ask them to come up with the words themselves. For example, once when we were working on different ways to spell the long “o” sound, I asked the students to think of words that have the various spelling patterns and write them in a space on the chart.

With all grades, I try later in the day to refer back to the morning’s activity, perhaps by using the word sort as part of a word study lesson or using the words students generated to start a new spelling-pattern chart.

Mike Anderson teaches fifth grade at Dondero Elementary School in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He has also taught third and fourth grades. This past fall he won a Milken Education Award for excellence in education.

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