Student Choice as a Lever for Personalized Learning

In this lively chat with educators Allison Zmuda (personalized learning guru) and Bena Kallick (co-creator of The Habits of Mind framework), we discuss how to move beyond simply giving students choices about their learning. To really leverage the power of choice for students, we need to help them be thoughtful about choices they make. Click on the picture below to view the interview on


To learn more about how to help students make effective choices about learning (and how teachers can facilitate effective choice throughout the curriculum), check out Learning to Choose, Choosing to Learn: The Key to Student Motivation and Achievement.

  • Mike Anderson
    Mike Anderson is an education consultant, award-winning teacher, and author of many books including What We Say and How We Say It MatterThe Well-Balanced Teacher, The First Six Weeks of School, The Research-Ready Classroom, and Learning to Choose, Choosing to Learn. Learn more about Mike and his work or invite him to work with your school or district through his website: Connect with Mike on Twitter: @balancedteacher.

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    Mike Anderson is an energetic, experienced, and highly sought-after educational consultant who helps facilitate great learning in schools all over the United States and beyond. He has over twenty years of experience as a teacher, consultant, presenter, and developer and has authored many books and articles about great teaching and learning.